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Global warming and dimming

I'm sure everyone of you heard about global warming. But what about global dimming? These two things affect each other. Let's look on what they mean:

Global warming - means that the average temperature of the Earth's near-surface air and oceans is increasing. It's caused by air polution - gases from cars, planes etc., by destroying forests, burning various things etc. All this causes planet's atmosphere to become even denser and so sunshine gets to Earth's surface but not away anymore because of dense atmosphere and so Earth heats.

Global dimming - is the gradual reduction of amount of sunshine getting on Earth's surface. This means that it basicaly makes global warming cause a little less damage. Global dimming is also caused by human actions, such as sulphate aerosols etc. It reduces water evaporation and maybe also rainfall in some areas.

So...what does this all mean? Global warming makes Earth more and more warm, while global dimming seems to cool it down again. Someone might think - so we are safe we don't need to care. However, dimming affects hydrological cycle. So, what should we do? Definitely try to solve both these problems. How? For example by recycling, using less energy and water - for example by simply turning off lights when you don't need them and taking shorter showers.
Protect our planet Earth, it's the only place where we can live, and it's our motherland...



I bet you all heard about recycling. Maybe you think that by recycling you can't help nature much, but that's not true.  Recycling is really easy and we can help nature quite a lot.

A lot of things can be recycled - not only paper, but also glass, metal, textiles, electronics and plastics. Recycling doesn't mean that from a recycled thing will become the same thing again. For example from used PET bottles will become new jackets! You didn't know that, did you? By recycling we can reduce the amount of waste - that means reducing the air and water pollution as well. We can also reduce the need to always search for material needed for making things - for example wood for paper.

So please try to look for a recycling bin and help the Earth to live a little longer...
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Submitted on
August 5, 2008